World Hardest Portal:

A game made for the jam Game Off 2018.


It is intended as an hybrid between a 2D portal-like game and the world hardest game.


The game was implemented using the game engine Phaser 3. 

The game uses the music All Humans by Jesse Spillane.


Contributions or comments and advice are welcome. The game source code is at:


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Wow this is a really cool puzzle game

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I have to admit, the "I said Fall, not Fail!" make me cry. 

Thank you for giving it a try. Looks like you went pretty far into the game. 

We will do our best to improve the game after the jam as you can see we lack a good part of the required skills to make a good game. Any suggestions on what a psychotic robot would say to a test subject?

Lack what? Great game guys. Having fun is what matters.